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It Is Time To Call Harold Camping What He Is.

In 1994 he was mathematically wrong and now he misunderstood the
hidden message. In the meantime he has made millions of dollars from his
multiple end of the world campaigns and lead many devotees down the wrong path.
I have discussed his position with some of those who have swallowed his theory
hook, line and sinker. It is disturbing to see the attitude and stance they
have taken.

Scripture is clear that no one, let me repeat that, NO ONE knows
the appointed time of the Lord Jesus’ return except God the Father. The Lord
Jesus himself doesn’t know the appointed time. The Lord said that and the gospel
writers recorded that in their gospels. However, when you raise that point to
Camping and his supporters they say the Lord was hiding the truth from
unbelievers. That is why He said that.

They will go on to say that only those who are truly believers will
be able to see what they are saying is true. They cut and splice verses out of
context and twist them into heretical positions that have no foundation in
scripture at all. You have to be careful when handling God’s word and taking
verse and putting them together doesn’t mean that your position is scriptural.
Let me give you and example:

“..And he went away and hanged himself.” Matt 27:5

“You shall do the same with your oxen and sheep. It shall be with
its mother seven days and then you shall give it to Me.” Ex 22:30

Take these two verses and you can say that the truly spiritual
after betraying someone should hang themselves after spending seven days with
their mother. Do you see how outlandish and disgraceful that can be?

It is time to call Harold Camping what he is. He is a false teacher
even a heretic. The scripture is clear that anyone who distorts the truth and
then teaches it as truth is a false teacher. Try these two portions of
scripture to see what I mean.

1 John 4:1

Matt. 7:15-20

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