What Is The Book Of Revelation About?

I have an opportunity to once again study the book of “Revelation”. I will jot some of my thoughts throughout the study here as I go along. Let me begin with a question that I came across in a commentary. What is the book of Revelation about? As this author had stated and I agree with him, we need look at the first few words. “The revelation of Jesus Christ…”(emphasis added).

This book shows us the things which are and the things that will come to pass. However, it all centers around the revealing of Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty! I get caught up in all the trumpets, bowls, judgments, horsemen and other things but those in reality are all subtext to who is being revealed and will one day arrive and everyone will know who he is and will morn as they look on the one whom they crucified.

Take a look at the first 8 versus and see how many times the focus is on Christ!

All right this was short and I will post more thoughts later. Until then may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ fill you at all times.

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